Scarcity or Abundance of Society’s resources!

Fellow Toastmasters and welcome guests!

“If only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes.” Roy Batty from the movie “Bladerunner”.

I have been monetarily wealthy and poor, worked behind a desk and in very remote locations, managed millions of investor’s money and picked up industrial garbage to survive, allow me share some with you some of these experiences and insights I have reaped as my reward!  I submit to you that we are living in a very interesting time and we may well live long enough to experience a world of ABUNDANCE!

We are in the process of leaving behind a major growth restriction, with caveats of course; it is up to us to determine how it manifests.  Let us first look at this restriction: scarcity of resources.

Looking back on my experience as a commodity broker I now realize that the financial system’s role in scarcity is a neutral one because money is only a physical or electronic representation of past, present, and future resources.  The financial system is primarily an accounting system to track humanity’s resources and to facilitate their movement.

We are all very familiar with scarcity. My friend Sean is a huge fan of Stringfellow Hawk and wanted to buy the helicopter known as Airwolf but the bank turned him down for the loan.  Peter, a huge Sean Connery fan, thought it would be cool to own the nuclear submarine ‘Red October’, didn’t happen. I think he settled for a ball cap. We are all familiar with scarcity; working with the resources available to us.
Scarcity of resources has been an almost non-stop source of strife for human society. The male instinct to gather resources fuels greed and gluttony aided by the ever increasing efficiency of the financial system culminates within society as a heightened sense of insecurity and an intense preoccupation with war: examples include the Cold war and the World wars respectively.


Limited amounts of resources continue to fuel fear and exploitation by parties with varying objectives.

ENOUGH Dansereau! “Enough with the Negative waves!”, my friend Donald Sutherland might say.

Alright then, let us look at abundance.  I am so excited!!!

Currently there are several initiatives I am aware of that could usher in this new era.

  1. Fusion Power -using hydrogen harvested from seawater to power our society.

The US and the EU appear to have projects that are the most advanced figuring out the secret of the sun!

The ability to mimic the power generating ability of the sun on a small scale could provide free energy for everyone.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)/robotics- (I cite both resources as one since they are most effective when used together and are already changing the way society works.) Look at the way you: communicate, commute, and what you do for a living.  I personally have worked at 3 different jobs that have now been automated using AI and robotics.


Robots and AI are replacing people at an ever increasing rate.  I have personally been replaced once by robots and once I assisted in the adoption of the technology.  When I was young I used to strip for a living!  Oh you are so naughty!  Haha,  I used to strip zinc off aluminum cathodes in a mining department called the tank house.  That job was so harsh that upwards of 80% of the retirees would die within 5 years of retiring.  Automating that job was probably not a bad idea.

As a commodity broker I helped secure funding for CleanSeed Capital Group Ltd. ,a company that specializes in seeding technology for farmers.  Farmers almost never have to go into their fields to do their work.

I am really looking forward to a world filled with more abundance and less strife.  Negative media can easily dominate our window into the world; I would like to offer everyone a more positive viewpoint of the future.  I encourage you to keep your eyes open, look for similar initiatives that represent or promote abundance and support them!


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