Rene Dansereau's writing

My Vision for the immediate Future and steps to get there!

I have created this website for several reasons:

  1. I strongly feel that we can now meaningfully address extreme poverty, poverty, climate change, and inequality.  If the majority insist, this can be accomplished.
  2. I would like to promote people and institutions that are trying to positively shape society.
  3. Based on my 11 years of working within the financial industry and extensive ongoing research I would like to highlight serious structural problems  as well as potential solutions.
  4. I believe every single human being deserves equal respect and opportunity, the sperm lottery should no longer dictate who wins and who loses.
  5.  I feel that the improvements that I have and will suggest are inevitable as a logical manifestation of our evolution, using history as a guide.  Movements like Occupy Wall Street (discussed in my book), the popularity of Bernie Sanders, improvements in communication and the gradual (as it may be) mixing of the cultures of the world are indicators of this trend .  I realize that the more entrenched we are in the current system the harder it is to let go.  But the changes I have and will propose will likely have little affect on most of the people initially receiving this email.  However they could have profound consequences for the rest of the world and our children.  I believe that society will evolve from this individual focused structure we have now to a more society focused one.  The question in my mind is, “How long will it take to get there?”  I hope to speed the process and avoid experiencing George Orwell’s dystopia “1984”.

Short term Goals and Long term gain!

  1. One global electronic currency associated with a progressive global tax championed by Thomas Piketty
  2. In the absence of a global electronic currency institute a Flat tax on all types of income, everyone should contribute equally to the society they enjoy
  3. Simplify the tax system by eliminating all tax breaks; one level of taxpayer
  4. The removal of commission or part commission based jobs – As a commodity broker I found that the first time that times got tough for me (income was low) I started to look at people from a predatory perspective (a very unsettling realization for me) and I feel that predatory behaviour is unnecessary in almost all areas of modern society (sports requires an exemption in a controlled environment)
  5. provide universal education at the cost of society
  6. Removal of tolls in Canada, because traditionally all Canadian infrastructure has been provided by the various governments, it is unfair to the segment of the populace being tolled,  there are thousands of bridges across this great country when did we collectively agree that we should not pay for anymore?
  7. more coming!  My apologies I am working as fast as I can
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