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Life Experience

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Life Experience

I was born and grew up in Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada, I left at the age of 17 to attend the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba where I remained for 21 years, thereafter I moved to and currently reside in Vancouver, BC.


I have always been very active and I try to continue that involvement in conjunction with all the pressures of age and responsibility.  I have played hockey, soccer, and jogged all my life and that will likely never change.  In my youth I played AAA hockey and was a member of the Manitoba cross-country ski team; I was competent and enjoyed most sports with the exception of volleyball.


I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Manitoba, majoring in History with a minor in economics.  I would have majored in economics but there were not enough electives in macroeconomics (which I adore) and I find history much more interesting than microeconomics.  While working in the banking sector I attended and obtained several certifications from the Canadian Securities Institute; this included futures/options and management training.  More recently I have safety and driving training associated with mining as well as H2S and WHIMIS.


While attending the University of Manitoba I worked in many occupations within the mining industry.  I did many labourer jobs in production and did a lot of basic geophysics for exploration companies.

After graduating university I went to work for RBC Financial Group and spent time in the arctic with them.  I then went to work for TD Waterhouse in Winnipeg, MB through the time of the tech bubble, it was exhilarating to put it mildly.  Our boss at the time said, “This is history.” and she was right on the money (pun intended).  Throughout this time I continued educating myself in management and derivatives (futures and options) and then moved to a software trading company training customers on how to properly use the software.  I then got a job in the futures industry as a commodity broker and spent the next 10 years growing a significant customer base; all the while watching, learning, managing, and sometimes teaching the wonders of complex finance.  The only thing is, it is not that complex to justify the structure.  After the 2008 financial crisis the fact that I was not in the right spot began to eat at my conscious and culminated in 2011 when I blew myself up and was dismissed from job.  Looking back at that experience the financial crisis highlighted just how completely unfair the financial system is and my personal activities were exacerbating inequality (which I consider to be the root of a significant number of societal problems).

Starting 2012 my best friend thankfully got me working in exploration where I have been working periodically to this day.  I have been fortunate to find an employer in the Vancouver area who allows me to leave to fulfill my exploration duties and then return without penalty.  While working in Vancouver I am now constructing concrete foundations for townhouses, which is easily the most physically taxing job I have ever done.


In my teens, there was one day not long after i learned that burning gasoline was bad for the environment when I was supposed to plow the road leading to our cabin; I was reluctant to burn the gas and harm the environment, (Somehow my dad knew what i was feeling) and came over and told me to put my foot on the gas or get out of the truck.  After 30 seconds or so I put my foot on the gas feeling like this was a defining moment for my character choosing: a) get out of the truck and always run away from problems, or b) put my foot on the gas and accept bad things existed in the world and I needed to accept them and perhaps find another way if possible.

In 1992 I joined the Canadian Alliance party (now the Conservative party of Canada) and was a member until 2006 or so, when I became the federal Conservative candidate for MP in Winnipeg Centre.  I did not end up running after having two meetings with the President of the party at the time.


I really did not have any relationships lasting more than a week until after I left University.  During my second solo trip to Europe I was fortunate enough to meet a beautiful gal on the flight back to Canada.  She moved to Chicago and we maintained a relationship for 2 years or so until she moved back to London.  After she moved back to London we spent two weeks travelling in Ireland and at the end of that trip I knew it was over because I knew that she wanted a commitment and I had not “sown my wild oats” yet, and as much as I loved her I knew that due to that lack of experience I would not be a good husband to her.  I cried as I left her in Heathrow until I landed in Canada.  After that I became a bit of a playboy dating many different women frequently, I did not realize how bad I was until a friend of mine stated, “you were changing girlfriends more often than you were changing underwear.”  and at one point that was not far from the truth.  Eventually I starting dating a special woman that lasted for 2-3 years but it was not meant to be .  On three different occasions I was going to propose marriage to her and every time something would blow up derailing the process.  So the third time disaster struck I knew I had to pull the pin on the relationship it was not meant to be.


During my first two years at university I was drinking alcohol heavily, I suspect that I was drinking enough to be classified an alcoholic.  Fortunately others were looking for me; I was able to identify I had a problem after returning to my room one day to find my alcohol gone.  In 1997 I was convicted of Driving under the influence of alcohol and I was pardoned in 2003.  Currently I drink casually and once a year or so I will even over do it however I am  conscious at all times that I can stop and walk away.


Perspective is everything to me, because without experience or education related to a topic or event, it is very difficult to imagine or empathize another perspective we have no background in.  Everyone’s life experience is unique providing the basis for our individuality and perspective; therefore I would like to share with you the life experiences that I feel underpin my perspective and thus my decision making.

I had a very large income for several years and have 20k worth of custom suits in my closet to remind of those days.  I also have a few friends at the time who are likely still in the top 1% of income earners.  Contrasted more recently with a few years when I barely earned enough to exceed the poverty line.

I rose high enough (assistant branch manager) in the financial industry to see and understand how the structure functions.  I am blessed to have seen most of Canada and many open pit mines when performing geophysics.

I have spent more than 2 months travelling in Europe and spent a lot of time in the US.  I was also fortunate enough have a wonderful holiday in Costa Rica!


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