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I believe that HFT’s are probably the most effective.

In this interview Mr.Narang explains, “HFTs can, by virtue of having invested in superior infrastructure, react faster to the information embedded in a new order, but let us not confuse speed with front-running. This information is public and available to anyone willing to overcome the challenges of acquiring and processing it very quickly.”

This puts them at the top of the responsive information game (those who receive the information first can react first).

My unpublished and unedited book is here in PDF,

upgrading the financial system (69 downloads)


With my current obligations I do not have the time or energy to dedicate to properly revising, editing and updating it.  I would revise it to include what I have experienced and read since my last revision.

It is packed with information, however one main idea is the need for a global (preferably decentralized) electronic currency associated with a global progressive tax that is championed by Thomas Piketty.

The Benefits

  1. tax havens would no longer exist from a taxation perspective – Panama Papers
  2. no need for the Foreign Exchange markets – (more on this later)
  3. everyone would be treated equally

Potential Problems

  1. Control
  2.  Widespread participation


More on the benefits of Education!

I highly recommend watching Hans presentation!

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